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Christmas Weddings, bringing that sparkle

Customers tend to ask: How can we incorporate our Christmas wedding theme into our decor without it being over the top?

This question is such an amazing question and one many ask.

As a Wedding planner and Venue Dresser really understanding what our customers want is our number one priority.

When it comes to Christmas it is such a beautiful and touching time of year which means we have to make sure we incorporate all of the Christmas spirit into one day. Sometimes our customers want Christmas weddings to be bigger and better than ever and sometimes our customers don't want Christmas to takeover the show and want the meaning of love just to be just in the detail.

Christmas in general tends to be over the top but that doesn't mean that your wedding has to be, in a matter-of-fact it can be quite the opposite. Christmas is so beautiful it's full of love,Family, bright lights, fairytales and most importantly some of the most beautiful colours… this all comes for free.

So let's put this into perspective. Imagine a day full of the people you love, people that you care about and most importantly the person you're about to marry.

This day is already full of the things that you may already need to make it one of the best days of your life. Christmas is also known for beautiful colours; Gold, red, Silver and any other colour that makes Christmas, Christmas to you. As an experienced wedding planner venue dresser it's so important to understand the finer detail. So when you ask how can we incorporate at wedding theme into our decor without it being over the top? This is an easy answer.

You already have the most important ingredients you need to make a wedding your wedding the most special day: So now it's time to use your imagination with the above and bring it together. In the past I have created icy Christmas themed weddings and this is simple because the colour theme blues and whites create an icy theme throughout the décor. I have also created that elegant Christmas themed wedding, this was using, Gold white and lots of lights making sure the finer detail is touched upon. The bridegroom being dressed as beautiful as the time of year, looking elegant in their gowns and suits and also in the bridal party. Making sure everything else follows in the same theme, cakes, room décor and the rest to match. To simplify, you don't have to stress over one of the most beautiful and most celebrated times of the year to take away how special your wedding day is because your wedding day will be as amazing as you make it, keep it simple and keep it YOU, and the rest will fall into place ❤️

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