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Vintage Events Manchester

Venue Dressers, Wedding planning.

Wedding Planner | Venue Dresser
Wedding Decor | Venue Dressers | Wedding Planner
Decor Hire | Christening | Birthday Party

Step 1: The magic begins.

You show your interest and let us know what type of event / service you are looking for.

If a wedding or an event then we will request your email and send over a short consultation. 

Step 2: Lets get creative....

We will reply to your consultation email with a break down of ideas/ packages so you can understand what kind of packages we can create to suit you.

Step 3: Bespoke and Beautiful...

Once you have an idea of a package we can meet up for our 'Bespoke Consultation' or alternatively we can have a 'Zoom call' and we can put the final ideas/thoughts together and make the package completely bespoke to suit you. 

Step 4: Leave the hard work to us...

We will send everything over. Final details , Final package and an invoice. This is where we start to plan and get the wheels in motion, you then leave the rest to us, but can contact/meet up at anytime.

We appreciate things may change throughout and we are fully adaptable if you need to make any changes to your package.

Step 5... The magic unfolds...

We will keep in contact and we will be in touch before your event.

You literally leave all the hard work to us, if you need us we have an 'Open door policy' meaning you can call at any time, if we don't reply we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We then set and dress the event and you don't need to worry as your in the best hands.

Vintage Events

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